Friday, September 9, 2011

Message from the future.. and a broken record

Oh my word, I don't remember ever being so tired. Not last year, not the year before, not any other year. I am loving my new babies but they are still so immature for fifth grade and I am spending a lot of time repeating myself. I swear I was ready for Ashton Kutcher to jump out of the closet doors and tell me I'm being punked. 

Example 1:

Teacher: "Open up to the vocabulary section of your binder so that I can explain tonight's homework. (Students open binders) Please complete the vocabulary from lesson 1 & 2 in the vocabulary section of your binder. Remember to use the three-column format that we practiced today and include the word, definition, and picture."

Student: "What section of our binder should it go in?"

Teacher: "........."

Example 2:

Teacher: "Your hardcover books need to be covered with a book cover. If you have never used a bookcover before I will show you how to cover your book. I will also provide you with a paper cover if you need one."

Student: "Um, I need a book cover but I don't know how to cover my book."

Teacher: "..........."

My whoooollleee week went something like that. Iyy yi yi! I was lucky enough to be playing the role of the teacher :) It is so tiring but they often start out this way and then all of a sudden, they are middle schoolers.

While they are not good at following directions, quite yet, these kiddos are seriously too funny and super sweet. Today they were just cracking me up! Maybe it was the fact that it was Friday or that I had only had one coffee and one diet coke, as opposed to five diet cokes, {Oops} but they are hilarious.

One of my students told me he was from the future today. I said, "Oh, really! That's fantastic, it must be helpful to know what is going to happen." He said, "Oh, it's great. In fact, in 3012, something big is going to happen." I said, "Oh, really. What is it?" He responded, "West Virgina and Virginia..." Then he paused, looked at me, and began shaking his head, hitting his fists together. "Well, they don't really get along. They will become Weeast Virginia." I said, "Oh, my goodness!" He said, "I know, it's terrible, but west would rather be east. You know how that is."

Really!? Hah! His face was so serious and I was just dying to know what was going on in that little head.

I am also loving that my former students, some now in high school, have been dropping in to say hello every day after school. It's amazing how quickly they turn into little adults. It makes my heart hurt.

These little things are the best parts of my day and they make all of the repeating the first few weeks of school completely worth it. :)

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