Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grab 'yo bags! It's on!

Does anyone else think the Southwest Airlines bag commercials are hysterical?? Mr. P and I love to quote the commercial whenever we can fit it into conversation. A couple of years ago, we swore we saw the guy from the commercial at a local apple orchard. Just recently, when trying to decide where to go apple picking this year, I asked which orchard we were at that year and he said, "the one with the Southwest guy." We've officially lost it. Anyways, onto the real reason you're here...

I'm linking up with Babbling Abby at The Inspired Apple for the Inside My Bag Linky Party. Like Abby, and most teachers, I cycle through bags like nobody's business.

My first year, I had a big ole' tote bag from the teacher's union. That thing got the boot because it really took a beating. Who gives a white bag to a teacher???

The next year, I made this gem.

This is Anna and yes, I made it. Not literally, but I designed it through Anna William; a small designer out of Newburyport, Ma, that lets you customize your own bag. I picked out the fabrics at a bag party and then decided where I wanted them to go and here she is.

I loved this bag for many reasons. It's adorable, has lots of pockets inside, and zips closed, to name a few, but it was too big. I carried home way more than I needed to on a regular basis. I retired the bag for school use but I still use it for weekend getaways.

Then I switched it up to this one...

This is a Harcourt School freebie from our math curriculum. I had the genius idea that if I used a clear bag, I would be more self conscious about shoving junk too many unneeded items in there. Hah! Too bad you can't see that behind that unopened calendar (another freebie) I have a water bottle, winter gloves, receipts, paystubs, pens, and a few highlighters, among other things. This bag is still sitting in my closet. I may need to grab the winter gloves, soon!

This year, I couldn't pass up this $15 tote from Walmart.

She matches my classroom decor and is just the right size to bring home work, but not too much at a time. What a shame. Although, she is pretty narrow, so this is what I carried around this week. Hello, bag lady!

Here's what's inside this pretty little thing.

My bible day planner, notepad for list making :), post-its, classroom keys & flashdrive, notebook for grad school, clipboard with gradebook sheets that I need to enter online, manila folder with MCAS scores, and a packet of homework that I still need to finish correcting.

 Oh, and last week, the germies got me. Notice how the DayQuil is ripped open? I literally tore through the box to get some relief. Echinacea is my secret weapon. The tea is lovely and I take my Echinacea with Vitamin C in the morning, afternoon, and before bed, and I swear it cuts my sick time in half. Hand sanitizer is a must since my classroom does not have a sink!! I know, crazy, right?! My immune system is getting better each year but I still get sick in September and once during the winter.

I may or may not have all of my paystubs since school started, shoved in there.

What's in your bag?? Go to Abby's Inside my School Bag Linky Party to play along!


  1. Sorry that you got sick! I love Echinacea too! I am going to have to find/try that tea!

  2. Very cute customized bag! I am late to Abby's linky party, here is my bag http://www.bunchofscrap.com/2011/10/what-is-in-my-teacher-bag-and-reveal.html