Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Currently

I love this link-up! Obviously, since it's the only time I've posted this summer.

I missed out on July because I was a crazy lady trying to get ready for our trip but I like Farley's new rule of 3. Go to the two blogs before you and the one after and comment. LOVE it! :)

It's huge because I didn't realize how small my font was!

Ok, my B2S must haves are all things I have on my list for the year that I still need.

1. I'm pretty sure that Post-It chart paper will save my life. Nothing like being able to move those anchor charts all over the room!

2. Flair pens are my fave! I'm not into Sharpies the way that a lot of teachers are but I loove Flair pens. Maybe this is weird, too, but our math workbooks have kind of greasy paper and the Flair pens write so smoothly on them when I'm correcting!

3. Since we now use our gorgeous new coffee maker that we received for our wedding, at home, my Keurig is coming to school with me! Even though I don't have a sink in my room, I will make it work. I have to lay off the Diet Coke.

Is it Fall, yet? I am so over the summer.

Go play!

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  1. Hi, Oh a Keurig how smart. That would be so easy! Why didn't I think of that. :) Good luck on your first day of school. We officially go back Wed. For 3 prep days, but i've been going in this week to get things ready.

    Heather :)