Sunday, August 28, 2011

Print, Laminate, Cut, Repeat..

With Hurricane Irene threatening to take down the Northeast, I was perfectly content with staying in the house to chip away at the back to school to-do list today. I know that others were hit much harder but thankfully we just ended up with a ton of rain and wind here. We lost power for about 30 seconds and considering there are thousands of people without it, we were incredibly lucky.

School starts back up tomorrow for staff and the kids come in on Tuesday so my list has been growing by the hour, pretty much every time I check out another blog and find another great idea! I'm addicted. My house looks like one big DIY project between my classroom and the wedding. So first thing this morning, I grabbed a cup of coffee, put together chili in the crockpot, and got to work. Luckily, I had my trusty sidekick willing to help.

This sweet guy worked on my math strategies iPod project inspired by Babbling Abby and then just when he thought he was finished he painted a bookshelf for me so that it would match my new reading area in my room. I cannot wait to show off the finished products!

While Mr. P worked, I wasted all of my ink printed out a bajillion things in color, laminated everything, and began cutting it all out. Luckily, I remembered that I could use the paper cutter at school tomorrow to cut everything with straight edges :) Total time saver because I was able to make my fabric banner that I have been seeing everywhere. I needed to have one for my room! Here's a sneak peek before I put it all together.

We have a delayed entry because of the hurricane and I'm hoping the building will still be open because I am counting on those extra hours to put everything together. I'll be back on Tuesday with before and after pics of my classroom and activities that I have planned for the first couple days of school. I really need to get to bed! Why does MTV always show the VMA's the Sunday before school starts??

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  1. I love the banner!! I have one in my classroom and it just adds a nice little touch for the boards.